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Friday, May 12, 2006 

Troops to be deployed at Border?

MSNBC just reported that the Pentagon could deploy as many as 5,000 National Guard troops to border. Here is where the fence is being proposed.
As the White House prepared for President Bush to address the nation on immigration, sources told NBC News on Friday that the Pentagon could deploy as many as 5,000 National Guard troops to the country’s southwest borders to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
On Monday, the President plans to address the nation "to build momentum for legislation that could provide millions of illegal immigrants a chance to become American citizens, is to speak from the Oval Office."

Crunch Time
That is what Tony Snow said, "This is crunch time." Can you see why he was picked to be the new Press Secretary.
"This is crunch time," Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary, told reporters.
Sad thing, that is the only thing they quoted from him.

Don't worry about the lack of troops in Iraq or the amount it would cost for deployment, the Pentagon has it all figured out.
One Pentagon official told NBC's Jim Miklaszewski that federal involvement is primarily about money: State governors can deploy their National Guard forces whenever they see fit, but without direct involvement from the Pentagon, the states would have to pick up the tab.

The National Guard forces, if deployed to border states, would still remain under the command of the state governments.
As to how they plan to cover the tab, who knows. Once again, the mantra of "don't worry 'bout it" is used. As long as we keep the Border jumpers out, this country can feel safe from terrorism.

One thing to think about - Who do you think will build this fascist fence!?!

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