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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

"El Gran Boicot" - La Raza, Silent No More!

Those within wingnuttia have utterly failed to understand the power WE hold. The immigration debate has awaken the sleeping giant and WE are forcefully speaking out against the racist nativism that has divided this nation. This debate has also brought out the monster in some.

This form of nativism has slowly infected the US like a cancer. It is has pitted Americans against each other. And why not, this is not new, this type of baiting has worked in the past, and therefore, is being used again.
America has a long history when it comes to mass deportation. In fact, American capitalism has used Mexican workers as a reserve army of labor since the conquest of the Southwest.

History has shown the Mexican labor pool is heavily utilized during times of economic boom and repatriation during economic downturns. To American capitalist the border does not exist when it comes to exploitation.
Hispanics are not the only group, history also has shown that both the Irish and the Chinese have also been persecuted by American nativist.

Today, we have politicians such as Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Sen. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) who have built their careers on race-baiting. They criminalize the undocumented by calling them illegal and dehumanize them by calling them aliens. They have prayed upon the fears of white narcissistic Americans. They have fed them a false assumption that WE Mexicans have our hand in their pockets and stealing the food from their child's mouth.

So why are American nativist all riled up? Could it possibly be that THEY can't stand to see those who THEY think THEY have "conquered" make a life for OURSELVES? Do THEY expect US to be at THEIR beck and call? To cut THEIR grass, mop THEIR floors, cook THEIR tacos and just say "Si, senor" every time? Expect OUR XICANAS to open their legs at the command of aggressive, racist men? Why do THEY get paranoid when THEY hear Spanish? Are THEY afraid that the "conquered" are plotting against their oppressors? Is this the reasoning behind the draconian laws to force US to speak English so THEY can hear exactly what the details of OUR revolutionary plans?

Albert Memmi, once said, "After having been rejected for so long by the colonizer, the day has come when it is the colonized who must refuse the colonizer." The day has come and on May 1st the day of "El Gran Boicot" will be the gringo nativist’s wake up call. The sleeping giant has awakened and WE will not be silenced, anymore!

This angst towards us is about FEAR, there is no denying they are trying the old "DIVIDE & CONQUER" within our community and the African American community. Gringo nativist are trying to cause a DIVIDE by making false claims that the national African-American leadership is "out of touch" with its own constituency. But make no mistake this current anti-immigration movement reeks of racism. Who are they trying to fool. They have seem to have forgotten their past crimes against humanity - slavery, whippings, lynching, black-white water fountains, burning crosses and so on. It's time for them wake up, African Americans know when they are being sold a bill of goods. As one African American said
What it comes down to is that blacks refuse to be economic gladiators, fighting against brown folks for the financial benefit of an overwhelmingly white business and political class of spectators. Instead, we'd rather see an inclusive policy that focuses more on raising and ENFORCING the minimum wage,and protecting ALL workers' rights, thereby limiting the incentive for employers to undercut American job-seekers.
Now the nativist are trying to pit our community against each other. I will admit there have been times when I feel that it is useless and hopeless because many of our own who do not support the cause. They have poisoned the mind of a few by making this issue a us vs them - native vs foriegn.
Spring resident Martinez, 39 [and born in the U.S.], said that "when people think of Mexicans, they don't think of people like me." They think of the immigrant and the laborer, not someone who went to college and listens to pop radio, he said...when Houston students walked out of classes...he was embarrassed by their defiance of the law, and said they in no way represented him....This is not their country. What gives me the right to go to Mexico and demand those things that they're demanding?
I refuse to give in to the propaganda and I will raise my fist and stand up for my roots as a Xicano - A WARRIOR FOREVER con MUCHO CORAZON.

I have seen behind the FACADE, the pretty flowers, the manicured lawns, and the massive wealth. My eyes are opened to the truth to the ills of this country - the corruption, the hatred, the violence, the racism, the ignorance, and the greed BEHIND this pretty facade. I am on to THEIR trick on how I should be GRATEFUL to live here, or how GOOD I should feel about licking the masters' boots as the chalice of independence was held before me, while at the same time it was just out of reach. I seen THEM roll up into my community with their tricked-up Hummers forcing my Brethren and Sistern to fight in THEIR wars of exploitation and profit and killing people they don't even know to steal THEIR land and their resources!

Please consider this if you are still undecided, if you hate...ignorance...prejudice...bigotry...racism - then I ask you to join us.

If you hate...oppression...shackles...chains...exploitation - then I ask you to join us.

If you hate...lynching...burning crosses - then I ask you to join us.

And if you hate...injustice...inequality...segregation...isolationism - then please join us on May 1, 2006!

The choice is YOURS on May 1- NOT go to work! NOT buy a thing! and NOT go to school!

The choice is YOURS on May 1- to a stand that YOU are no longer going to tolerate the unfair attacks by gringo nativists - blinded by their ignorance, hate, bigotry and racism.

The choice is YOURS on May 1- to send a message to every jackbooted neo-nazi nativists - WE ARE STRONG...UNITED...ORGANIZED!

Nosotros vamos a permannecer Unidos Contra el Racismo y la Injusticia Siempre!


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