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Friday, April 14, 2006 

Fighting Among Each Other

This is a problem within the Hispanic community. No matter is you are Chicano, your not Chicano enough in the eyes of a Chicano in another state. From the OC Weekly's Ask a Mexican!
Dear Mexican,
You California wetbacks are nothing but a bunch of wannabes. Aquí en Tejas, we have the Rio Grande, so mojado is a good description. But west of El Paso, there’s nothing to get a Mexican wet when he sneaks across the border except a little rain. And, as you keep pointing out, it never rains in Southern California. So ya no estén chingando—stop fucking around—and quit using the word wetback.
Wet and Wild

Dear Wab,
Bone up on your racism dictionary, Wet and Wild. Few people call Mexicans wetbacks anymore, or beaners, spics, greasers, Mescans, border bandits, border hoppers, Mexi-can’ts, cockroaches, jumping beans, chili chokers or any of the other derogatory terms gabachos used to smear Mexicans in the past. The fact that "wetback" survives at all is because of American foreign policy. According to a 2003 article by College of New Jersey journalism professor Kim Pearson, "wetback" didn’t become nationally popular until 1954, when the Eisenhower administration launched a program to deport all illegal immigrants. But America being America, la migra rounded up Mexican-Americans, legal immigrants—anyone who was brown, really. The program’s name? Operation Wetback. American experience is cyclical, of course, so expect Americans to soon begin calling Mexicans "Sensenbeaners."
Ay dios mio, why do we as a community enjoy fight for the table scraps we get? How can we make progress when we are playing the quien es el mas chingón game. YA! People get over yourselves and lets move on.


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