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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

María Luisa Alvarado: ¡Si, Se Puede!

I am happy to day, we have a Xicana running to Lt. Governor. And the best part, she is a progressive. She is running against BushCo's David Dewhurst. We have heard everything about Governor Good Hair...I mean BushCo's lap dog Rick Perry. To me, who cares about Perry, I want to go for the Brass Ring.

Some background is in order to fully understand Texas politics. After the Civil War, many Southern states had to redo their State Constitution. The office of governor of Texas is defined by Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 instead of the original Constitution of 1845. Being Governor can be compared as a constitutional monarchy. Under the state Constitution the governor serves as the head of the executive branch and really is seen more as a ceremonial role.
Legally, at least, the governor has little power over certain administrative functions and has no removal power over important elected officials. His privilege of legislative veto may be his strongest executive weapon.
Long time ago Democrats really didn't care that much about Lt. Governor, don't get me wrong, if the Dems could win that was great, but if they lost it, oh well, they had their prized seat. The duties of Lt. Governor far exceed those of the Governor. The legislative duties are:
  • Serve as presiding officer of the Senate;
  • Appoint the committees of the Senate;
  • Cast the deciding vote in case of a tie;
  • Chair of the Legislative Budget Board and the Legislative Council;
  • Vice chairman of the Legislative Audit Committee and the Legislative Education Board; Member of the Legislative Redistricting Board; and
  • Since World War II has exerted growing influence in lawmaking and in administration and public policy.
People have this tendency to think that the Governor's is the office to go after, but that is not true. Ever since Dudya coned his way into office, Karl Rove used his Rovian magic to create an illusion that Dudya had all this power. Sad part is, it fooled a lot of Texans too. Sure the Governor can appoint, but it still needs to be approved the Texas Senate and as Lt. Governor, they can have a lot of influence making any Governor a lame duck.

Who is María Luisa Alvarado? She is La Xicana dark horse and can be the best kind. If the Democratic party doesn't screw it up. The State Party better not do what it does best to minority candidates - offer no support at all. Take a look at Victor Morales and Tony Sanchez. Most importantly Victor Morales que se chingaron!

In 1996, Victor Morales, almost beat Phil Gramm, and he could of if the Democratic establishment didn't screw him over. Did they offer to help? NO! After he crushed three career Democrats in the Democratic primary, los gringos at the State and National Party shunned him. But guess what, he came close.
Yet to win Morales also needed at least a third of the Anglo vote. This didn't materialize -- perhaps because the state just isn't ready yet for a minority senator. "He's a Mexican-American who ran in a pretty conservative state," Rocha points out. "He had to fight that perception (of being unqualified) as well."
Even worse, blogger and Party think his political career y nada mas un "novelty". Sabes que, the Repugs still think he is a threat and that is why they are trying to recruit him.

Back to María Luisa Alvarado. From her campaign site:
After graduating from college, María Luisa accepted an opportunity to work the National Veterans Outreach Program, a veteran’s service organization of the American G.I. Forum. Once Federal funding was cut for the women’s veteran program she returned to the pursuit of opportunities in social and health research. Her research interest and experience are related to substance abuse treatment and prevention, and general social and health issues with adolescents and the elderly. It is due to her analyses and critical thinking about current issues affecting Texans and the lack of appropriate response by state leaders that has challenged her to run for elected office. María Luisa believes that all tax payers have a right to expect that their government work effectively and efficiently to serve all its citizens equally and fairly.
Like Victor Morales, she was a citizen who is tired of the status qou, nada mas. Not a career politician. Who was she running against, Ben Z. Grant, Justice of the Sixth Court of Appeals in Texarkana. Had the endorsment of several major newspapers, but guess what, she crushed him too - Alvarado received 117,950 votes to Grant's 86,838.

We know who she is going up against, but the sleeping giant has awoken and the State Democratic Party better be there!

Viva La Raza! We may have a long road ahead of us, pero sabes que? ¡Si, Se Puede!


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