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Monday, May 01, 2006 

MAY DAY - El Gran Boicot (Live Blogging)

Welcome readers from The Moderate Voice
[Note: The Moderate Voice gives an excellent independent analysis on what was said throughout the media and bloggers. (liberal and conservative)]

I would like to start out by saying, no I am not missing out on my city's events. We have three going on and one of them starts at 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm. In deciding between the one at 11 and the 3:30 had to do with the events taking place and the chance to do some live blogging on the happening around the country and Mexico.

Here are the current events as reported by the news, bloggers and independent news.

In Homestead, FL, AP reports 1,200 people marched in the rural city. Homestead, home to one Florida's largest Mexican immigrant populations and many major growers of fruits, vegetables and nursery plants.

Six of 14 Perdue Farms plants will close; Gallo Wines in Sonoma, Calif., was giving its 150 employees the day off; Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat producer, planned to shut five of its nine beef plants and four of six pork plants.

For the biggest news. The boycott at Los Angeles Harbor.

8:40 AM Mr. A is reporting that the truckers have successfully shut down 90% of Los Angeles Harbor. So far only 5 trucks have shown up.

9:05 AM The traffic at LA harbor is usually 100 trucks per hour, but so far today only 5 trucks showed up in the last few hours.

[Update] May Day Virtual Sit-In! hosted by Electronic Disturbance Theater and the borderlands Hacklab in solidarity with the May 1st General Strike / Walkout / Boycott in the US and actions for Freedom of Movement taking place all over Europe on May 1st, 2006.

[Re:Update] Hundreds of Mexican union members took to the streets of central Mexico City early Monday to support Mexican migrants living and working in the United States and to boycott U.S. goods in what was dubbed a "A Day Without Gringos."

At the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, there were about 50 police officers recalled because of the arrival of the Zapatista leader, Subcomandante Marcos, he has been very vocal in supporting the Mexican boycott.

[RE:RE:Update] CNN is reporting that Puerto Rican schools, government offices close because the government ran out of money Monday, forcing Puerto Rico to close public schools and shut down government offices, putting almost 100,000 people out of work.

It is the first-ever partial shutdown of the government in island history and it happened on May Day, how strange.

[RE:RE:RE:Update] Here in Houston, the 40 drivers who regularly park their taco trucks at the Texas Commissary did not show up today.

Houston's East End day labor site - fewer people than usual.

At Houston's Davis High School- one student who did show up to school was quoted as saying, "Nobody's here."

[RE:RE:RE:RE:Update] In Tijuana, protesters blocked traffic lanes at the area's largest and busiest border crossing.

In San Diego, CA, many taco stands and other restaurants that typically serve breakfast were closed.

In La Mesa, CA, restaurant owner who had to shut down said "I'll lose about $5,000 today." His 10 Latino employees did not come in today and his produce and meat suppliers were not making deliveries.

In North County, CA, Vista Catering - who owns a fleet of 17 lunch vans serving Vista, Carlsbad and Encinitas, had only six of his 32 employees show up for work Monday, despite being promised a full day's pay for even a half day of work. Owner plans to fire them.

In San Ysidro, CA - Border traffic which is normally very heavy in the mornings, had dropped to almost nothing. A typical Monday morning sees about 200 vehicles per lane.

Tucson, AZ - More than 500 gather at Armory Park.

Salina, KS - 300 join immigration march.

Chicago, IL - 300,000 people have already gathered for an immigration-rights march and more are expected to join as the crowd moves across the city's Loop.

Ottumwa, IA - About 250 Hispanics chanted slogans such as "Si se puede" or "Yes we can" to voice their disdain for a measure being debated in Congress. A local Cargill plant closed today, but there were no widespread business closings in Ottumwa.

In CA - Demonstrations planned in Pasadena, Pomona, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Riverside, San Diego, Oxnard, Huntington Park, Long Beach and San Bernardino.

L.A.'s Produce and Garment Districts affected by boycott.
The nearly 700 Carl's Jr. fast food restaurants in California were open for business today but about half a dozen outlets in the Los Angeles area had to close their dining rooms and limit service to drive-thrus because of a lack of workers, said spokeswoman Anne Hallock.
And the Garment District
visitors to the nearby downtown garment district were greeted by block after block of shuttered storefronts and garment factories. Many businesses had decided to close after workers informed them of their plans not to show up today, according to business owners.


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