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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Blogger and I are parting ways

I was tired of playing guessing games with Blogger. Therefore, I have decided to pack my bags and say adios to Blogger. I have moved on and looking forward to a new journey over at my to my new place over at xicanopwr.com.

For the folks at Google, if you happen to be data mining, you have the worst customer service I ever seen. Yes, I realize that you people at Google are slowly herding people to your new Blogger Beta. What I do not appreciate is the random inability to access Blogger blogs. Sure, I would move to your Beta, however, you would not let me migrate my posts.

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways -

It is frustrating that oftentimes Forbidden to access my own blog from the dashboard of my Blogger, I find it amusing that I would experience a 403 Forbidden access error. It is even more amusing that someone over at Google and in their infinite wisdom decided to write a script telling people like me that I have to contact myself and grant myself approval! IT'S MY GOD DAMN BLOG!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!!

If this is the way Google handles post-acquisitions, then is it safe say that this is just a small glimpse of what will become of YouTube's future in days to come; because, Lord knows you will put Google Video before YouTube. The only winners here are you - killing off the competition - and the former owners of YouTube who just made a cool billion dollars. The losers are us the consumers.

Another factor for my departure, I got tired of all Blogger's glitches. When they do happen, I have to go back and delete all of the double posts Blogger decided create. That's because you never know whether clicking something on Blogger will actually accomplish what it was intended to do and lately, it seems like clicking does nothing but bring up an annoying message - "document contains no data." Ummm, what the hell do you call the diary I just wrote?

Oh sure I could go look up Blogger Status to see what is happening, if I could ever get to it too. See, the trouble is, whenever Blogger does experience of their little hiccups, it tends to affect too. Forget the Discussion group; it is a zoo in there.

So Blogger it was fun while it lasted, but it is time to move on.

Everybody, please change all general links you may have to the new location.

This old blog will still be here for a while, so any links to specific posts will not be affected.

Adios! See ya there.


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