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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 

New Comment Policy

I am starting to notice that I am attracting more unwarranted comments of the bigoted kind. I really don't mind criticisms, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, especially if your purpose is to engage in intelligent conversation. But when a few dipshit racist/white supremacists decide to venture out of their roach motels toting their predictable rhetoric over here, well, enough is enough. My policy was not to engage and let the racist rhetoric comments stand for the whole world to see their self-delusional lunacy. Because of these actions, I have decided to take a couple of actions. Depending on how far fetched they are, I will either edit and mock comments, such as Gringo Warrior's comments. Such comments are meant to attack the person and not the argument.

Second, I will moderate any debate that consists of any type of incoherent form of epistemic relativism because the aim is simply to win a debate since the premises is that all truths in principle open to challenge.

Thank you for your understanding.


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