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Sunday, October 01, 2006 

America and Mexico, Being Played For a Fool

Yes, the anti-immigrants are being played for a fool and they don't even know. As anti-immigrant proponents lavish and complimentary media attention orchestrated by rabid nativist crying out how the "Mexicans" are intent on destroying America as we know it, they soon will enter their own matrix of public spin.

Mexican President Vicente Fox has rehired Rob Allyn's lobbying firm to ease the political sentiment in the US towards Mexicans and the immigration issue. This is the same PR firm and GOP political consultant that helped Dudya defeat Ann Richards for the governor back in 1994. He also worked on both Bush's presidential campaigns. And he also helped engineer Fox's 2000 presidential victory and he has close ties with Dudya.

Fox hired Allyn to create a mechanism to sway public opinion in favor of Mexico and Mexican immigrants into the US at the same moment public concern over border security has reached a fever pitch. The timing is impeccable because as Fox reign is over, a new sheriff will take over - Felipe Calderón.

The last time Fox hired Allyn was in December soon after the House passed James Sensenbrenner's R-WI anti-immigration bill. According to the LA Times, Rob Allyn and his Texas-based PR firm Allyn & Company were hired to target the church, community and business groups to oppose the proposal.
"Our focus is on public opinion, which influences policy outcomes in Congress," said Allyn, 46, who grew up in Huntington Beach, Calif., and moved to Texas when he was in high school. "There is a huge misperception among the U.S. public about Mexico."
The irony, these were the same group that were targeted during the 2004 Presidential elections.

During Mexico's 2000 election, Allyn and the Fox campaign played the Mexican people for a fool when they invented a phony human rights front group called "Democracy Watch" that was suppose to "monitor" Mexico's elections. It was later revealed by Narco News, the front group was actually soliciting donations from the public and funneling it to Vicente Fox's campaign. Narco News reported that Allyn and Fox concocted a story that a group of "businessmen" founded "Democracy Watch" and that the members of group wanted to identities a secret because they had "concerns" about being perceived as "anti-government." After the election was over, Allyn and his co-conspirators gleefully boasted to Dallas Morning News how they enjoy "playing 007" throughout the 2000 election.
For three years, Mr. Allyn and two of his colleagues at Allyn & Co. quietly made forays into Mexico and played a key role in helping shape and hone the message of "change" that maverick presidential candidate Vicente Fox used to dethrone the 71-year-old Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Also helping Mr. Allyn in Mr. Fox's campaign was his assistant, Mari Woodlief, 31.... Blond and blue-eyed, she traveled under the assumed name of La Señora Hernández. Another Allyn assistant, Michael Portman....

"Whenever I rode around in Vicente's bullet-proof Suburban the kid inside of me was going wild, playing 007," recalled Mr. Portman, 25, who has since left Texas for Hollywood where he's working on a screenplay. "It was total Tom Clancy's Patriot Games, or Hunt for Red October, the shoot 'em up fantasy with no guns. It was cool, very cool."

Although Mr. Fox never asked Mr. Allyn to keep his role secret, the Dallas political consultant said he didn't want to be the center of attention or become a political liability in nationalistic Mexico.
It is interesting that Allyn claimed that Fox never asked him to keep his role a secret, when Fox knows all to well that he and Allyn were in direct violation of Article 33 of the Mexican constitution, which prohibits foreigners from having direct involvement in Mexican political affairs.

It has been far too long that mainstream media has played God with the American public, deciding what's news and what's not, what to play up and what to downplay. Therefore, it’s no surprise, to find nativists like Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan or Michele Malkin trying to sell the immigration demonstrations as some twisted plot of an orchestrated plan to take the south and western states away from the US.

But how do you counteract this type of political spin that has already been spun by xenophobic nativist? Simple, the same way firefighters control the direction of a wildfire - setting backfires to consume the fuel in the path of a wildfire.

Back in May, on the same day thousands took to the streets to protest that legislation that would have made illegal immigration a felony, an organization headed by another member of the Bush Junta, Lionel Sosa popped up out of nowhere, his organization - Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together, or MATT.org. When I wrote about MATT.org, I mentioned that Sosa was one of MATT's co-founders and that the other co-founders, "Mexican businesspersons" were not interested in being identified at that time. The question remains, who is exactly behind Matt.org? It was odd that the other co-founders did not want to be identified considering that; MATT began with $5 million dollars in "seed money." According to Sosa, MATT.org plans to tackle the immigration reform issue with a bilateral approach by facilitating the dialogue between the US, Mexico and the respective communities impacted and concerned with this issue.

Oddly enough, Sosa's organization is very reminiscent of Allyn's faux "Democracy Watch" organization that meddled in the Mexican elections. Like "Democracy Watch", Sosa's organization is claiming to have unnamed "Mexican businesspeople" that are refusing to disclose their names by the press.

The immigration issue has become nothing more than a political ploy only to manipulate the public opinion. The real agenda is about keeping the status quo. The real immigration issue for the US is how to continue the strategy of free trade agreements based on open access to markets, favorable terms for international investment, and intellectual property protection. Since the inception of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in the early 90s, the negative impact on labor has been well documented. Since the signing of NAFTA, the number of production jobs in the US that have been displaced between 1993 and 2004 is 1,015,291. Most of these lost jobs were relatively high-wage positions in the manufacturing industry. NAFTA has also contributed to rising income inequality, suppressed real wages for production workers, weakened workers' collective bargaining powers and ability to organize unions, and reduced fringe benefits in the US. The US isn't the only one to suffer, Mexican labor did not benefit from NAFTA either. Wages in Mexico fell significantly and there was a sharp decline in the number of workers holding regular jobs. Structural unemployment remains high and many Mexicans work as casual employees or labor for subsistence wages in the informal economy.

Instead of examining the negative impact of NAFTA, the US insist in keeping the status quo, at the same time hypnotizing people into thinking an army of Mexicans waiting to invade the US. The "Border Wall" only serves two purposes for the Bush Junta: one, to keep the Mexican government in check and the other, paint the Democrats once again as weak on national security. Both played their parts to the tee.

The results of the Mexican election ended up being a Bush win and the Democrats continue to try to one up the Rethugs. Once Calderón was announced president-elect, several events occurred: conservative analysts eagerly placed Mexico in the ranks of nations loyal to the US; Calderón criticized the US for their plans to build the "Border Wall"; and as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have allowed undocumented immigrants driver's licenses, he said he would rather wait to see how the federal government will handle the immigration issue. It must be noted, Congress had decided to put the immigration in the backburner.

Have you not wondered at the seeming organization, the seeming logical flow of events? How they appear to orchestrated by an unseen hand? Well, they have. William Shakespeare once wrote "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." The only difference, the players are controlled by a puppetmaster. A puppetmaster that is in the oval office right now.

If one thing is for certain, after the mid-term election, there will be no more talk of a border wall, until 2008 when the US will re-exam if there is still a need for the National Guards to guard the border, which also happens to be campaign season for the 2008 Presidential election. Further proof the "Border Wall" is a political issue, soon after the Senate voted in favor of the 700 mile wall, the Washington Post provided insight about what occurred behind the scenes during the Senate debate. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) was promised by GOP leaders they would revisit the issue when Congress returns after the elections after "House leaders" resisted her request to "give the Department of Homeland Security more flexibility in the placement of the barriers." But the most telling that the "immigration debate" is a shame is Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-AZ statement about the passage of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 [PDF], "It's a statement for the election. That's all."

We, the people, must stop being their puppets. Perhaps living as patsies, as pawns of the New World Order appeals to you, it does not to me. Es mejor morir de pie, que continuar viviendo de rodillas!


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