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Sunday, September 17, 2006 

President Hugo Chavez Denounces Felipe Calderon

In a CNN Espanol interview, Hugo Chavez denounces Felipe Calderón and explains why.

El Universal
El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, reiteró que en su gobierno "no reconocemos al presidente electo de México", donde dijo que existe "una derecha desesperada que recurre a distintas artimañas", aunque "difícilmente puede cantar victoria".
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, stated that his government will not recognize Mexico's president-elect”, he said that the Right has resortred to skulduggery” so they can claim victory.
"Nosotros no reconocemos al Gobierno de México o al presidente electo de México, porque ahí pasaron cosas muy extrañas”, sostuvo en declaraciones hechas en Cuba a la emisora latinoamericana Telesur, que las reprodujo hoy en su sede en Caracas.
We do not recognize after the Government of Mexico or Mexico's president-elect because very strange things occurred over there, they also supported [negative] statements made to Cuba on the Latin-American broadcasting station Telesur, that was also re-broadcasted [here] in Caracas.


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