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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 

Will this ever end?

I have been sitting here for last couple of days i'm feeling pretty nauseated and drained by feelings of powerlessness as I see our humanity slowly starting to drain away. The only problem, people don't seem to mind that it is leaving them, causing them to harden their hearts, grow callous, becoming apathetic, afraid, not wanting to lose the little bit that we have in the process of that fight.

I know I am not really in line with some of the more popular bloggers. It is beginning to look that the only thing that seems to interest a lot of these bloggers is power, whether you define that in terms of site traffic, the ability to sell advertising and gain access to the media by establishing themselves as an alternative until they are co-opted and absorbed. Like anyone else that acquires power the first thing people want to do with power is to abuse it. Just last week a dust up occurred within the blogosphere, it seems Peter Daou, blogger and blog advisor to Hillary Clinton organized a bloggers lunch where 20 Democratic bloggers met with Bill Clinton.

I still feel mentally drained about this, it has really made me sick by the disgusting tripe hurled at minorities by so-called "liberal" gringos, so I will just provide the links to those who really gave the best overview of the white liberal/progressive bloggers vs people of color bloggers BS.

brownfemipower: White feminists re-center themselves & the internet, racism and women of color

Bint Alshamsa: Sometimes It's The Best You Can Do & Why FireDogLake Is No Innocent Party & The Hypocrites Abound

It is sad to see that people of color are unable to ask questions without being seen as an enemy of Democratic principles and the purveyor of hatred and bigotry. It really begs the question, how far have we come from the overt racism that was fought during the civil rights movement?

Not very far indeed, when it comes to race, like the leaders of the Democratic and Republican Party, A-List bloggers tend to pull their wagons into the same circle. It is becoming clear, gringos are having the final say on what is and is not racist.


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