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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

When in Doubt, Spin

A growing sentiment among the Rethugs for the undocumented immigrants is becoming more evident as November is just right around the corner. And the closer it gets, the closer they are to their downfall as the GOP continue to explode into plain view right before the mid-term elections. I wrote about one Rethug in CO, Rick O'Donnell, who is interested in establishing a national service corp. for men to guard the border. Obviously, the Rethugs in Colorado feel it is their duty to look through a microscope so they blame something on undocumented immigrants.

Last week, CO State Rep. Dave Schultheis showed exactly what it really means to be a compassionate conservative in the GOP. Soon after the Greeley Tribune reported on a story of horrific car wreck, Schultheis sent an e-mail to the Tribune questioning the immigration status of the three children who were killed in the car accident. Schultheis also blasted them for not providing that information in their article.
Was the driver properly licensed? Was the vehicle properly registered and insured? Why aren't these facts part of your published article?

Was this person the child of parents in the U.S. illegally? Or was she here illegally?

I am extremely concerned with the dramatic rise in crime caused by those illegally in this country over the past 10-15 years or so. Why is it that the investigative reports we read in the papers and see on TV do not point out the fact that these accidents and the resulting cost to taxpayers (hospitalization, etc.) are a direct result of our lax immigration policies and enforcement?
Schultheis blatantly shows no empathy for the grieving family or the three children whom they are burying and a fourth that is just barely hanging on to life. No, of course not. Why should he, they are just "spics" who are here just to use our hospitals and schools, and sucking this country dry. Heaven forbid if he really went after the real thieves who probably are lining his pockets with blood money. Less tax money spent on them means more money in his and his sycophant's pockets. The same type of sycophants who praised him for asking, "what needed to be asked."

Not only did Schultheis assume they were "illegals" because they had Spanish-sounding last name, but he has also decided to blame Tribune for publishing his e-mail. Schultheis told reporters that he was only passing on one if his constituent's questions and that he was unaware that his heartless e-mail came right after the accident and that "one of the family members had just been taken off life support."
"I feel like I was blindsided maliciously," he said. "If the Tribune had the best interest of the family and the community in mind, they might have put off posting my e-mail and turning it into a huge deal. I believe they share the majority of the responsibility."
Schultheis also said he wasn't the one who was insensitive but it was Tribune for converging the story and the follow-up stories from the "other media outlets that were insensitive."

So how far is the GOP willing to spin their way out of accountability? I am actually shocked that the GOP did not even try to link the Mark Foley scandal with the issue of illegal immigration.

The anti-immigration rhetoric used by politicians like Schultheis are loaded with emotional language to pit American against each other. But who really benefits? No one.


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