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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 

Pat Buchanan: Xenophobic Poster Boy

I have been waiting for this video to be floating around the Internets. Pat Buchanan went on the "Daily Show" to explain his theory of Mexico's secret plot to recapture the Southwest with an army of hardworking immigrants who, he claims, don't like English or America. His interview was nothing but a string of fabrications that needs to be exposed.

[forced to take down]

Buchanan was true to form as a xenophobic con man, with his hateful vitriol just to spread more fear to white America.

First claim - from 1924 and 1965 there was virually no immigration into this country. This is false. If he was talking about immigration from Europe then maybe because between 1924 and 1965 anyone who passed a literacy test and a medical exam and came from approved countries (that is, Europe) was also admitted relatively easily.

Buchanan is forgetting a little program during WWI called the Bracero program
It has been estimated that in the 1950s the United States imported as many as 300,000 Mexican workers annually. ... Between 1942 and 1964 more than 4.5 million braceros entered the United States.
Virtually none? What stats did he collect? Virtually none? Why did the US government implement Operation Wetback in the 1950s. Some would wonder why Buchanan is trying revise history, could it be he views them as animals who were carted into the country with a specific agenda and when their usefulness ends, just deport them back.

Second claim - the old crime rate stats. Half the criminals in jail are immigrants.
Fact - There have been numerous studies that continue to show that immigrants from south of the border have lower crime rates than their US-born counterparts, and are more likely to abuse drugs the longer they stay in the United States - which is to say the more they become like "real Amurkans," the higher the chances they become thugs. If anything then, it is "Americanism" that is the problem.

Third claim - Mexico is planning to infiltrate the US, by trying claim that some Mexicans have praised Osama bin Laden. The whole claim is about how the "Mexicans" are not law-abiding people because so many of them are coming illegally, and we are a law-abiding people who believe in playing by the rules. Umm....and like Mark Foley is? Or what about those who steal whole continents. Like the descendants of those who confiscated North America. Buchanan admits that is what happened.
"Look at the Indians. They had a liberal immigration policy. Look what happened to them, Jon.
His statement is not only disingenuous but outright racist and heartless. Buchanan was not only trying to say that Native Americans should blame themselves for their own genocide by letting the settlers in but he also trying to use this deviant logic as an example as to why the US shouldn't allow any undocumented immigrants from South of the Border to come into the US.

It is this kind of thinking that brought about immigration exclusion laws of 1920s and 40s, such as the Asian exclusion laws that remained in effect for roughly eighty years.


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