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Wednesday, August 02, 2006 

Criminalization or Mass Deportation: History Repeats Itself

"Some say, 'Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.' I say, 'Those who ignore history are in for a big surprise.'" - Stephen Colbert (2006)

History does have an unforgiving way of cyclically blind siding us when we often times choose to ignore it. When it comes to mass deportation, history shows us it has not been kind to Hispanic here in the US. Well - SURPRISE! History is now knocking at the door again!

It seems that the Pro-Immigrant marches in America (April and May 2006) inspired waves of xenophobia with cries on how "we" have to "send" "them" all "back where they came from." In a society where the few and the powerful exploit and lie to the majority of citizens, this is just. But in America, this sort of action strikes fear into the hearts of Armchair Patriots everywhere because in this country, the word "ILLEGAL" conjures up the idea that Mexicans are poor, uneducated, and often criminal - making them undesirable to live in this country.

Latina Lista mentions about that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced that the Department of Justice will be adding 25 federal prosecutors to U.S./Mexico border districts.
Twenty-five additional federal prosecutors will be deployed along the southwest border in the coming months.

Twenty of these prosecutors will be hired solely to prosecute immigration offenses, which means we will have the capacity to prosecute more alien smuggling cases, more criminal alien reentry cases, and more human trafficking cases on the border.

Five of these prosecutors will prosecute drug trafficking organizations responsible for smuggling illegal narcotics across our Southwest border, and will be funded through the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Program, a joint task force of the Departments of Justice, Treasury and Homeland Security.

We are also working with the Department of Homeland Security to identify up to ten DHS lawyers who will be designated as special assistant U.S. attorneys to prosecute immigration offenses along the southwest border.
Basicly, there will be 30 attorneys to prosecute immigration offenses, 20 from the Department of Justice and 10 from the Department of Homeland Security.

While there have been a number of dark periods throughout this nations history, none is more glaring than the mass deportation of roughly 300,000 Mexican workers and their families during the Great Depression; the internment of 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry during World War II; and the 1,000,000 Mexican workers and their families during Operation Wetback.

That was then and this is now, currently racist and far-right lawmakers in the Congress with a pathological desire to close our borders to people with dark skins we denigrate or label potential terrorists are in a dog fight now with less extreme but hardly moderate voices there. However, the Bush Junta has them beat, being the only President to surpass any other president in US history when it comes to deporting people.

Back in May, Bush administration stated they would make "enforcement" its new approach to migrants, and to make sure he is true to his word, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) initiated the largest single mass arrest of migrants in US history.

Ever since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, ICE has already deported 881,478 migrants through 2005 with an average of 150,000 migrants a year. However these figures do not include the 1.2 million people who have been arrested at the U.S.-Mexican border last year.

With each version of the "immigration reform bills" going through Congress, since 2005, inserted in every bill, Congress would authorized local law enforcement to act as immigration agents - effectively adding 650,000 to the Border Patrol.

But it is this latest move that adds insult to injury. According to Latina Lista, the addition of prosecutors is a signal of change in policy within the Justice Department which, frightenly means all immigration matters will be prosecuted as a criminal offense, rather than as a civil offense. In other words, Dudya isn't going to wait around for a democratic vote on the issue. Worse, AG Gonzales has now declared about 11 million people felons.

The idea of making the US a police state, should not be come as a surprise, since the Bush Junta has been floating this idea right after 9/11. Unlike in other countries where it happens over night, this has been done slowly. In a previous post, Arcturus informed of the latest development in this trend to continue this plan. What is not often discussed are the contracts Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group (formerly the Wackenhut Corrections Corporation) to now house large numbers of immigrants here in the US. This is just another step closer to accomplishing the Bush Junta's dream of creating a police state.

What once that was true when one heard Emma Lazarus' memorable words - "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." - is now replaced with this:

Most will deny this claim and some will continue to talk in a language of liberalism so they can continue to support the racial status quo. Truth be told, honesty isn't a trait this country is noted for and neither is honor, integrity or practicing the high principles we espouse.

It is time to strip off the mask and look long and hard at the cold, ugly face beneath and uncaring eyes and see a heart of stone and not a sign of a soul. And many dare not talk openly on how they really think publicly, but through the virtual anonymity of the internet that gives them the courage to say it. Such messages like this:
I am disgusted with Chicanos here who wave the Mexican flag in such a manner as to place their loyalties to Mexico over their loyalties to being American.
and this:
Instead of adopting American work habits and customs, however, the new immigrants insist on bringing their Mexican work habits and customs with them, and they insist on speaking Spanish instead of learning English.
and this:
Well, if he's actually encouraging an invasion of our borders, I mean, that's grounds for warfare! Are you suggesting we actually go to war with Mexico?! We haven't done that in about a hundred and fifty years.
Time and time again, history has taught us that ill-conceived government policies during wartime that unfairly targeted certain persons because of their race, national origin, or religious beliefs ever made us feel safer. Why would it be different this time around?


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