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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

An interesting little 'altruistic' crawler

On the rare occassion I decide to check my FeedBurner stats, today I just happen to see something very unusual. According to FeedBurner, Linkie Winkie has been crawling my feeds. Does anybody know what is Linkie Winkie?

The web site says it is a "social experiment." And they are not going give any information about this little experiment. It does go on to say that it is "altruistic" and "loves to be talked about." Since I love to investigate such little mysteries, I googled to see who else is talking about Linkie. It seems like other bloggers have not answers to the million dollar question - "What is Linkie Winkie?"

Well, it seems that if ya wink at Linkie Winkie, and if Linkie Winkie winks back at you, then a link will appear on their web site. However, it does say that timing is important.

So heres winkin at ya, Linkie.


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