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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Mexico's Vote Count/Avanza conteo de actas

Update: It is seems in the end, Calderon pulled a miracle in the end. The latest count.
11:50 with 99.80% counted
López Obrador: 35.34%
Felipe Calderón: 35.85%
Difference/Diferencia - 0.51 pts

Andrés Manuel López Obrador will contest the IFE vote count. Note to Gore, Kerry and future Democratic candidates, y'all can learn a lot from AMLO, he listened to his base. And if one of two actually did what AMLO is doing now, one of them could be President now.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirma que se impugnarán los resultados del conteo de casillas del IFE.

The nation-wide vote count has been taking place throught out the the day starting at 8:00 am this morning. The IFE has reported that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is ahead by two and half points with 37.02 percent of the vote against 34.39 percent of the vote in favor of Felipe Calderon. 40% of the ballot sites have been accounted for which is approximately 17 million votes.
Los cómputos disponibles hasta ahora de los 300 Consejos Distritales muestran una ventaja electoral para el candidato presidencial de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

18:25 con 76.46% de las casillas computadas en los 300 Distritos Electorales del país
Andrés Manuel López Obrador: 36.76%
Felipe Calderón: 34.62%
Roberto Madrazo: 22.07%
Patricia Mercado: 2.71%

18:55 con 78.57% 32,891,296
López Obrador: 36.73%
Felipe Calderón: 34.63%
Roberto Madrazo: 22.09%
Patricia Mercado: 2.71%

19:30 con 80.44% 33,647,358
López Obrador: 36.67%
Felipe Calderón: 34.67%
Roberto Madrazo: 22.??%
Patricia Mercado: 2.??%

20:20 con 83.53% ------- July 2, 87.2% of the vote counted
López Obrador: 36.55% (7/2/06 - 35.65%)
Felipe Calderón: 34.73% (7/2/06 - 36.88%)

20:59 con 86.61% ------- July 2, 87.2% of the vote counted
López Obrador: 36.46% (7/2/06 - 35.65%)
Felipe Calderón: 34.83% (7/2/06 - 36.88%)


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