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Saturday, March 04, 2006 

Medicare D(isaster): Members Betrayed by AARP

Medicare reform was suppose to lower the cost for of drugs and new medicines for America's eldery, therefore it passed by both houses. George W. Bush:
"Seniors have waited too long for more choices and better benefits, including prescription drug coverage, similar to the kind now enjoyed by federal employees and members of the Congress...I will continue working closely with Congress during conference to make improvements and pass meaningful Medicare reform."
However, Medicare D is has not worked out the way it should have. In fact, people have been denied their RX's, and as a result, more have had to be admitted into the hospital. Blogger Street Kid has been very vigilant in making sure "people get more involved in bringing the Medicare D(isaster) to the public's attention." (Click here and here)

The LA Times reported today that the nations largest elderly advocacy group, AARP benefited from the Medicare prescription plan.

More information to come.

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