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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Nasty Little Racist Thugs

Found this on La Bloguerrera.

"I was on the New Jersey Turnpike yesterday and at the toll booth there were stickers that someone stuck next to the ticket generator....The stickers read, 'Bring our troops home and put them on the Mexican Border.' Of course I googled the stickers and they belong to a White supremacist group. I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I thought it was pretty interesting the logic and the phobias at play."

You bet, that came from the National Alliance, you know, the type of scum that could be found hanging around the gun shows, the casinos and the Sizzler. These assholes are a veritable subtype of humanity and are just mean, stupid and racist as you'd imagine them to be. And they tend to shoot first because of their obvious problems moving, let alone seeking cover, should the lead start flying.

I am fed up with wingnut hostility, threats and garbage like this, and honestly, it is the same crap when sick fucks who like give out permits to hunt liberals and have no moral qualms venting out my frustrations.

When can we stop putting up with this shit?


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