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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Sen. Charles Schumer and DCSS Are On Notice

I was about write about a small victory achieved through people power against an attack ad that the DSCC put up. However, some background information first.

I forgot to update my post I put up yesterday after I found out from Stace at Dos Centavos about the latest stunt done by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Funny thing is, I updated post on the community blogs that I participate in. I really didn't change the main context of the post but added a couple paragraphs near the end to include this information, which I will just post the jest of it here so people know what I am talking about. I plan post my thoughts of the situtation soon.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as now just come up with their ad campaign "Secure" to try to do one-up-manship on the Republican Party. In a Pete "I Hate Meskins" Wilson style attack ad, the DSCC potraits Hispanics as terrorist and the Bush administration has failed to combat it. All of a sudden the message that Bush let in "millions more illegal immigrants" rolls by.

Email the DSCC and tell them to stop the racism: info@dscc.org.
Well this morning we were fooled, I had made my rounds on the community blogs to give an update leting people know a small victory was achieved because the ads were no long on the DSCC website. I was getting ready to write a post about this victory until I saw the recent update on Dos Centavos.
Update 10AM: A visit to the DSCC front page finds the ad removed. Earlier, the link to the ad wasn't working, but it seems to be back online. Again, Chuck Schumer's phone number is 202-224-2447.

What? Do they think we don't know computers?
Some media has gotten hold of this story.

From the Houston Chronicle:
Harris County Democrats denounced their own party Tuesday after joining the national outcry over a political ad they said equates Hispanic immigrants with terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

What began as an attempt to wrestle the traditionally Republican-dominated issue of security away during a hotly contested election year, instead risks driving Hispanic voters away from the Democratic Party, said Houston Councilwoman Carol Alvarado.

"You cannot compare people who come over for economic opportunities to people who are coming over to terrorize our country," she said. "They should not be in the same message, same video or even in the same conversation."
From the Associated Press:
A Democratic political ad is under fire from Hispanics who say it unfairly compares Latino immigrants to terrorists.

Pedro Celis, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, said in a statement Tuesday that the DSCC should remove the ad because it vilifies illegal Hispanic immigrants and is "appalling."

Houston City Councilwoman Carol Alvarado, a Democrat, sent a letter to DSCC Chairman Sen. Charles Schumer (news, bio, voting record) of New York asking that the ad be pulled. She said it could alienate Latino voters.

"To liken Latino immigrants to bazooka-toting terrorists not only undermines the positive relationship our party has with this community, but also lowers us to a despicable level as breeders of unfounded fear and hatred," Alvarado wrote.

"This is the same kind of fear mongering we condemn in the extreme media and now we are seeing it at the DSCC," said Lisa Navarrete, spokeswoman for the National Council of La Raza. "It's appalling."
Phil Singer is trying to play down the resentment we have towards the DSCC and is trying to make it seem only the Hispanic Republicans are having a problems with the ad.

Singer doesn't take into account that CM Carol Alvarado is a long time Democrat is on the board of the Texas Democratic Party. Nor does Singer take into account that the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic civil right group, also has problems with the ad.

This fight is not over, we demand an apology from DSCC Chair Sen Schumer of N.Y. May we remind him, the current demographic regarding NY is 16.0%, 28% in NY City. We will remember during his re-election campaign, we will find another Democrat to replace him and do not think we cannot, look at what happened to Liberman, we can do with Schumer too.

Until the ad is pulled down and we hear an official apology, Senator Schumer YOU ARE ON NOTICE!!!

Call Sen Schumer and tell him to take down the xenophobic ad and let him know race-baiting tactics will not be tolerated - 202-224-2447


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