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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Malkin's False Assumptions

There are none so blind as those who will not see what Michelle Malkin is doing, building a straw man argument to race bate. Malkin went on the attack for a post on with she viewed it as liberals making racist attack on her.

The so-called offending Wonkette post:
operative: she has internet videos?
operative: does she do the thing with the ping-pong balls?*
operative: they have a fucking MIDI?
wonkette: DON’T SMOKE HEMP!
wonkette: IMMIGRANTS!
operative: Does she call Arianna an ignorant slut?
wonkette: GET A REAL JOB
operative: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
operative: ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!
operative: I think she's referring to the Unabomber
wonkette: i think i envy the unabomber for probably not knowing who michelle malkin is.
operative: plus, he's got a great haircut
wonkette: also: less scary
In a typical Malkin temper tantrum fashion, she blogged about it, DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?:
Pat yourselves on the backs, you tolerant liberal bastards.


This is hardly
the first
made Asian whore ping-pong ball jokes about me.

But Wonkette has now mainstreamed it. And I'm sick of it. Are you proud of yourselves?
Trolls being trolls did get Wonkette to apologize, at the bottom of the original post it said, "Update: This is not funny. We apologize." Was there a need to apologize. No! So how did she make the connection between "Asians whores" and ping pong balls? In Malkin's post, she does provide individuals links in the sentence "This is hardly the first time liberals have made Asian whore ping-pong ball jokes about me." (Links begin at hardly.) The majority of the links are comments she took from Crooks and Liars to build her "straw man" argument that racist, misogynist slurs were used against her. She provides a Google link to show that this is not first time a racist connection between Asian prostitutes and ping-pong balls have been used against her by such Moonbat liberals. However, upon further investigation to his link, Malkin once again misleads her readers. Seth Abramson of The Suburban Ecstasies blog provides an excellent break down into Malkin's fallacy.
What I do believe is that Malkin's use of this link to establish that progressives believe she is a ping-pong ball-queefing whore is misleading, particularly to the extent that she casts this phenomenon as one which has "racist" underpinnings (cf. I should think that any particularly dexterous whore, of any ethnicity, could do this, or at least make an admirable attempt at same, if called upon to try).

I note that the first Google hit for the search-terms Malkin typed into her computer, "ping" and "pong" and "ball" and "queefing" and "bitch" and "Malkin," refers to the above-referenced vaginal gymnastics as (at least as applied to Thai hookers) a "racist" and "sexist" and "obscene" stereotype.

I note that the first Google hit for the search-terms Malkin typed into her computer, "ping" and "pong" and "ball" and "queefing" and "bitch" and "Malkin," refers to the above-referenced vaginal gymnastics as (at least as applied to Thai hookers) a "racist" and "sexist" and "obscene" stereotype. In fact, the phrase is used on the site as a way of underscoring Malkin's own penchant for racial profiling (as long as she's not being profiled herself).
The site Seth talks about is a link to is a post Queefing CPAC done by Rev. Mykeru on his site at Mykeru.com. Mykeru's made no mention at all about Asians whores, in fact, if one did a phrase search for "Asian whores" that search would come up empty. The only reference he made about hookers was in reference to Gannon which is nowhere near calling Malkin an Asian whore.
You know the Christo-fascist right are like that, in just not thinking things through. The same goes for economics and military strategy too, as well as every unscripted utterance out of George W. Bush's mouth. Oh, and handing out press passes to hookers.

There's your male hooker reference. Let's move on. (Emphasis supplied.)
One tactic Malkin enjoys doing is to generalize and cherry-pick criticism knowing that her readers will believe everything she said as the gospel truth. One would have to wonder if any of her readers who researched her claim would actually question her, but who knows.

The problem with Malkin, she is really nothing more than a lying two-faced sack of shit. It amazes me how she feels the right to act wounded and claim racism in the first place. There is not a damn day that goes by where she spews her vile and venom and hatred and name calling based on race. Let's not forget that she is one of the biggest bigoted advocates for internment camps and racial profiling, in fact, she probably arrest herself for trying to cross the border.

Malkin's action is another attempt of the right-wing hypocrites playing the race card. It's people like Malkin and her posse of sycophants who easily throw around terms like "Liberal racism" and other straw man phrases to bully us around. They also twist, manipulate, distort and exaggerate the facts so they can continue to play the race card over and over again. This is no different.

Their distortions and exaggerations of Mykeru's only ring true in their little Echo Chamber they’ve built. They know outside their little Freeper world, they would subjected to their uncontested beliefs to scrutiny and criticism of the public. Inside, the likes of Ann Coulter, Sawn Hannity, Lou Dobbs are seen as a patriot, but in reality they are nothing more than hacks, liars and an embarrassment the human race. At the same time, it is the conservative white males, who have created someone like Malkin to talk about race so she can have us believe the race issue is over but it is nothing more to lead us astray.

They call us racist but this nothing more but reverse psychology. They make you think that if you try to stop the racist from targeting you, you're practicing reverse discrimination. But when they are called out with irrefutable evidence against their straw man argument the issue becomes irrelevant with no justification to their decisions.

No, people like Malkin enjoy using false logic on us with the aims of making the victim look like the criminal, and the criminal look like the victim. But let's travel down memory lane to exam the hatred, the violence, the racism, and the ignorance BEHIND her pretty little facade.

It was Malkin who drew first blood by outing the telephone numbers and email addresses of some college students allowing her loyalists to make death threats. It was not the liberal moonbats, she likes to the world to see.

It is Malkin who defends known racist and racist organizations like Steve Sailer, VDARE.COM, and other White Supremacist groups.

It is Malkin who recently made the racist assumption that Mexican day-laborers were behind 9/11. And this is not the first time she has spoken ill about immigrants. It was Malkin who posted the phone number of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement so her apologist could call and report Mirla Lopez, an undocumented immigrant attending the University of Texas. As long as Michelle Malkin continues to tirelessly beat the anti-immigrant drums, she is doing nothing more than giving permission for her loyalists to act on her behalf by carrying out her orders.

The reality is White Supremacist aren't going ask us if we are born here; they'll kill us because we are different from them. They don't attack me because I’m a pro-immigration; they attack me 'cause I'm different from them. They will attack all of us for the same reason and Malkin is no different in their eyes. We’re all in the same bag, in the same boat. Malkin is a fool to believe if she is different from us.

And because she refuses to see that she continues to aide them by spreading their hate through her columns and blog. Well, Ms. Malkin, may the blood of each migrant worker killed by your vigilante apologist be on your hands.

Its time to let the people know how bloody her hands are. Its time to let the people know the hypocrisy she practices. It is time to hold in check. Michelle Malkin you are now on notice!


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